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Krusty Craft is releasing Close Beta Testing of Skyblock on June 29th, 6:00PM (GMT)! We are giving Sky Token to All beta Testers (SkyToken is a currency to purchase on donor store) Please make sure that you register fill up the application form

CBT has very limited slots get your slot now!!!

Application Form:
Application Form:
Application Form:
Application Form:


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How To Join This Event

This event takes place on the KrustyCraft Minecraft server. You can join it using either Minecraft Java, or Minecraft Bedrock Edition, on any device.
To participate, join the server on , following these steps:

  1. Copy the server IP and Port; For Java, you can use For Bedrock, use as the IP and 25638 as the port.
  2. Open up Minecraft and enter the Multiplayer menu.
  3. Click on "Add Server" and paste in the information you copied.
  4. Click "Done" - Select the server you just added from the list and click on "Join" to connect!