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PokéCats Mining Event
The PokeCats Mining Event is a limited-time event on all realms to celebrate the Anime update this month. Various Pokéballs can be found by mining the ores mentioned below in the same way as finding cat keys. Additionally, there is a DOUBLE X2 chance of finding all types of Pokéballs during weekends!

There are four types of Pokéballs to be found. The classic Pokéball, Greatball, Ultraball and Masterball.
Pokéballs can be found by mining: Coal ore, Iron ore, Lapis Lazuli, Copper ore, Gold ore, Nether gold ore, Diamond ore, Emerald ore and Ancient debris.
Greatballs can be found by mining: Coal ore, Iron ore, and Lapis Lazuli.
Ultraballs can be found by mining: Copper ore, Gold ore and Nether gold ore.
Masterballs can be found by mining: Diamond ore, Emerald ore and Ancient debris.
Use your grinded Pokéballs to redeem for a selection of exclusive Pokemon inspired tools!

‼️ Pokeballs can only be discovered by mining in the RESOURCE and NETHER worlds!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Event
Slay naturally generated zombies, zombie pigman, skeletons, wither skeletons, slime, and witches to grind for monster flesh!
Redeem a stack of monster flesh with a netherite sword to obtain all twelve of the sleek Nichirin Katanas!

About CatCraft

How To Join This Event

This event takes place on the CatCraft Minecraft server. You can join it using either Minecraft Java, or Minecraft Bedrock Edition, on any device.
To participate, join the server on , following these steps:

  1. Copy the server IP and Port; For Java, you can use For Bedrock, use as the IP and 19132 as the port.
  2. Open up Minecraft and enter the Multiplayer menu.
  3. Click on "Add Server" and paste in the information you copied.
  4. Click "Done" - Select the server you just added from the list and click on "Join" to connect!