Minecraft: How to Make a Map

A map is one of the essential items in Minecraft, as you can use it for tracking your movement, showing off your base (if you put it in an item frame), or tracking your friends nearby. There's only few cases where maps are not needed, like in servers with Prison or Minigames. In this tutorial, we will go through how to make a map.

Required Materials

You will need 8 papers, 1 compass, and a crafting table to craft it in.

Making the map

  1. Go to your crafting table and right-click it
  2. Add the items to the crafting table, placing the compass in the center and paper all around it.
  3. Now that all materials/items are added to the crafting table, there should be an empty map that pops up on the right.

A Minecraft crafting table with a compass in the center and paper surrounding it

Using the map

When creating the map in Minecraft, it will be completely blank. The first thing to do is hold the blank map and press "Use Item" button on your keyboard or controller. This will turn it into a full-fledged map item that automatically maps all of what's around you as soon as you start moving.

Stelios Mac

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