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shockRPG Minecraft Server

Online - 0 Vote(s), 2 Review(s), Rated: 5/5.
Server IP
Server Type Java Server
Gamemodes RPGTownySurvivalPvPPvEMinigamesKitPvPFactionsEconomyAnarchyVanilla
Versions 1.16
Players 0 / 10
Connection Good
Country United Kingdom GB
Uptime 99%

Server Information

to start things off you have kits , to do this just do /kits and claim your starter kit , you also have skills and quests with /skills and /quests , there is also a shop with /shop and /sell, you can do /rtp when you first join to go to a random location and /TPA to teleport to someone , there are also factions so you can create or join a faction and go to war with others , if you ever want to do a dungeon which can give op loot ask me in #deleted-channel , they are difficult though! You have to be in game to ask me that! If you have any questions go to #help , there are also mini bosses who spawn around the world , infernal , captains and advanced, we also have commands like /ec to open ur ender chest and /anvil to open an anvil, the mob captains have rainbow particles around them , advanced mobs have it in there name and infernal mobs have a boss bar , if a sword or armor says free gem slot on it then it has 1 free slot, to add a gem slot find an emerald with a ability like +1 damage or +1 health , then put the sword in an anvil and the emerald next to it and BAM , even stronger sword or armor

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