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Metro Survival Minecraft Server

Online - 1 Vote(s), 3 Review(s), Rated: 4/5.
Server IP
Server Type Java Server
Gamemodes Factions
Versions 1.15
Players 0 / 1
Connection Fast
Country United States US
Uptime 91%

Server Information

⊳ | Community Mine
— Custom coded, always changing! —
Work your way up our ranks to progress through the levels of the Community Mine!

⊳| Custom Crates
— 100% hand-cra(f)ted! —
Jam-packed with custom items and features found NOWHERE else!

⊳ | Exclusive Enchantments
— New enchantments are added every week! —
Have an idea for an enchantment of your own? Don't hold back!

⊳ | Exclusive Economy
— Crop & Spawner based! —
Built by an economics student, our in-game economy is as stable as it gets.

⊳| Exclusive Shop Menu
— A GUI Shop ONLY found at Metro. —
7000 lines of code & 12 hours of tweaking, our in-game shop is like no other.

⊳| Edited Vanilla Enchantments
— Sharpness X made easy. —
Vanilla enchantment caps have all been edited and re-leveled to provide both unique
gameplay, and balance across all players. Donators don't rule the world with their kits.

⊳| Weekly Drop Parties
— ...cash included. —
Every Friday @ 9:00PM EST. All online players will always receive an exclusive tag!

⊳| Weekly Updates — Every Friday! —
With such a supportive, informed community, suggestions are always taken seriously.
Every week, I put everything I've got into making sure these suggestions are fulfilled.

➠ Notable Plugins

» DeluxeChat
— Scroll over a player's name & faction to learn more about them!

» FactionsUUID
+ Fly in your own faction land!
+ Set faction warps!
+ Colored titles!
+ Perms GUI!

» mcMMO
— The classic mcMMO you know and love!

> MetroCore*
— A few unique features and commands compiled into one custom plugin for peak optimization!

... and much, much more. Dive neck deep into our community, apply for staff, join our build team,
indulge in the elaborate faction war, join the UFA (the U.N. of Metro), and make a name for yourself today!

Interested in joining our staff team? When connected, use the in-game [/apply]!

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