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GoldenMC Survival Minecraft Server

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Server IP
Server Type Java Server
Gamemodes Survival
Versions 1.15
Players 0 / 0
Connection Slow
Country United States US
Uptime 99%

Server Information

What is GoldenMC?

GoldenMC is a little out of line from most SMP servers. We want to stand out up and infront of the rest of the survival worlds. You know that feeling you used to have playing Minecraft back in 2012? You sat on your coach or at your desk, turned up the volume, and listened to that sweet sweet Minecraft playlist? We want to bring that feeling back to Minecraft. Whether you aspire to be the greatest builder on the server, collect the most resources, or competitively compete for the rewards that votetop and baltop offer. With our simple system you can have any play style you want.

How do we standout from the rest?

GoldenMC offers a lot of changes from the classic SMP server. The largest in that area would be the addition of a server shops, as well as player shops. In the server shop, we offer resources from every aspect of Minecraft possible. Tools, Armor, Dyes, Blocks .... and Spawners! Yes that is correct, we offer a spawner shop in which you can purchase spawners to better the outcome of your resources. We even have a tiered spawner system jumbled up of 4 mobs who drop custom mob drops which can be sold for a fortune to shop. You can also set up shops through chest shops and player warps which can be used to make a personal profit from the other players! We also offer tons of other differences you would never expect!

Our Community:

At GoldenMC we strive for peace and tranquility between player and staff. We want to keep things as civil as possible to ensure that you can have the best experience possible! With this in mind, we want to keep our community safe and secure. Blocking harsh language is a part of that.


All of the following are prohibited (Griefing, Cheating, Swearing, Stealing, Scamming, Hacking) As well as showing respect to players and staff. Lag emitting farms will be prohibited and will be taken down by staff if it persists.


Grief Prevention


Wilderness Teleportation

Auction House

Warps, Kits, Homes

Player Vaults

Server Shop, Chest Shop


And More

Release Date:

We will be releasing the server tomorrow, (March 18) to the public in an open beta at **2 PM EST (**11 AM PST). The open beta will be in version 1.15.2 and will start off as a brand new world to explore and develop. We plan to fully release the server soon after the release of 1.16 which we will be updating to. Since this is an open beta, when we release 1.16 the world as long as player data will be reset completely. This will be the only reset for the next 9-12 months.

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