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Abyssrite Minecraft Server

Offline - 0 Vote(s), 3 Review(s), Rated: 5/5.
Server IP play.abyssrite.com
Gamemodes RPG
Versions 1.15
Players 0 / 0
Country United States US
Uptime 31%

Server Information

Our server attracts the OG players of Minecraft.
Come join to experience our survival GriefPrevention server that is mixed with RP elements and skills similar to WynnCraft.
The options are more customizable and rather than a forced system of leveling. If you have a discord, type /discord in-game to get a link to join the community off-line!
You can expect a community of peers that share similar interests to you because we are all gamers.
Join today and join a town or create your own.

Tutorial for Abyssrite.com
Step 1. Read the rules. All of them, follow them, and you will have a good time on the server.
Step 2. Join a profession. You can type /class profess without the quotes and it will open up a GUI to pick your class or race.
Step 3. Level up your skill. Command: /class skill If you chose multiple classes, you will see more options to choose from when you type this. Left click a spell to learn it or increase its level. Right click a spell to unlevel or unlearn it. When you level up a spell, it may do more damage or other effects such as multiple projectiles and other things. Unlearning a point or skill will allow you to use your skill point SP in another skill.
Step 4. Set your click combo. Command: /class combo skill 3-combo x = L, R, Shift or P. L is Left, R is Right, Shift is shift, P is jump. Example: /class combo Arrow Storm LRL would cast the spell if I did that with my mouse buttons. Shift can be left or right. P means that you have to jump. NOTE: breaking blocks counts as left click, placing blocks count as right click, stairs and slabs count as jump if you walk over them.
Step 5. Cast your spell. Command: /class cast skill Example: /class cast Arrow Storm - would cast that spell if you have learned it.
Step 6. Level up by killing mobs. Vanilla mobs and mythic mobs both give experience for your classes. Once your exp bar hits the goal number, you level up. Leveling up gives you more health, more mana, an additional skill point, and also gives Attribute Points AP. Skills can be unlocked at later levels so check your /class skill often.
Step 7. Spend your AP. Command: /class attr - This gives the option to get bonus stats that will help you passively. Example: Strength, Dexterity, Toughness, and more.
Step 8. Build a house anywhere in the wild outside of spawn. As long as it says you are leaving spawn, you may build there. Mob griefing is turned off and so are Phantoms. You may claim your area with /claim or a golden shovel.
Step 9. Get a Job. Command: /jobs browse /jobs join job name /jobs leave job name
Step 10. Level up your McMMO skills.
Step 11. Check out our discord where we have new recipes with never before seen items Vanilla items with different stats and names https://discord.gg/TCuCf6v - When you get there, say hello in general!
Step 12. If you have skill and want to be staff, you may apply too on the discord.
Step 13. Donate to the server. Command: /buy Purchase a rank and stand out, get a nice kit, be better than others.
Step 14. Invite your friends.

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