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SkylineMC is a small SMP + Skyblock server that I started with an aim to add my own twist to Minecraft. I wanted to create a server where there is so much content that one will find it hard to catch up with all the things that are doable. Not just that, with daily updates, there is no room for getting bored with us! We are a small server, only a few months old and would love to have new players play with us and help us grow! We have the potential to be one of the best out there, and all we desire is a playerbase that helps us get there! With one of the most versatile servers, don't take our word for it, come check us out yourself!

What we offer


Land Claiming + Claim Flags (SMP): We offer land claiming so you can prevent your precious loot and progress from being raided by other players! Also special perks allow you to set claim flags like Keeping Inventory, No Hunger, etc. whilst being in your own claim! You can safeguard your progress and be carefree of ever getting looted by other players!
Custom Mobs (SMP): Exploring the world, and tired of the same pesky creepers all day? Well how about a charged slime that blows you up sky high, or a skeleton knight that patrols the grasslands? Yes, we got them all! With an RPG-esk feel to our server, it was only natural to have such mobs!
McMMO + RPG: We have our own hit of RPG to the server! Yes, we got McMMO that opens up so many skills for players to experience, like super breaker that allows you to mine faster, blast mining that allows you to mine down chunks easily, and so much more!
450+ Custom Enchants: Our server offers 450+ Custom Enchantments that you can add to your armor, to your weaponry and tools! This allows you to feel like you are in a totally different game! Whether it is smiting down mobs with lightning, lifestealing in combat, poisoning enemies, jumping up 5 blocks, getting fire resistance, it has it all! Not only does this helps against mobs, it makes PvP better, and not just that.. it helps you in dungeons!
Dungeons: The bread and better of our server, dungeon allows you to fight OP Mobs that have their own special ability, powers, and are so dangerous that you would barely stand a chance even with the best armour! They can hit you with thunder, teleport to you, toss you up in the sky, shower you with arrows, ignite you on fire at will, it is not at all an easy fight! They also however have the potential to drop the best items on the server! Its a high risk vs high reward! With so many Custom Enchants, the battle is so epic that it cannot simply be put into words! Regarded as the most fun part of our server, you should try us just to play our dungeons alone!!
Jobs (SMP): Jobs allow you to earn starter money when you join the server! As you progress, jobs start paying you more and more! It is a great way to earn starter money, and with more levels to earn later in the game as well! From simple tasks such as mining or woodcutting, to making big farms and harvesting em down, jobs always have your back for paying you money!
Chest Shops: The most fun part of an economy is to dictate it! You can dictate economy as you seem fit with selling tons of items that you gather through your expedition throughout the worlds. You can sell any item you like, gather resources and sell to other players for money, you have it all!
PVP: With over 450+ Custom Enchants, PvP is the way to go on our server! On SMP, PvP is toggle-able, and on Skyblock we got an amazing arena setup for it! Summoning zombies, launching your enemy 15 blocks up in the sky, and so much more, and McMMO added to it, PvP is always so much fun!
Playing with Spawners: Spawners are the back bone of our economy, and they work differently on SMP as well as Skyblock! On SMP you can obtain spawn eggs through Vote Crates, or through the dungeons. Then you can change any spawner type to the type of your egg simply by right clicking them! On your journey across the nether, or across various mineshafts, you can easily silk any spawner that you find! Not only that, spawners, items and entities stack as well! This reduces lag immensely. The hunt for spawn eggs is real, and makes SMP so much fun, but Skyblock has its own way of spawners too! With a custom coded plugin, all spawners are locked when you start your skyblock journey. You unlock them with money, and with each spawner is very cheap in the beginning, but the prices rise as you buy more. This ensures that beginners can buy spawners for cheap, and as they make more money from spawners that they purchased, the price of spawners keep going up so the rich dont exploit the spawners! This helps balancing the economy well!
Pets: Everyone can get their own companions through the game! Almost any mob can be made into a pet! These pets can cross the seas with you! Not just that, they can fight beside you, carry items for you, you can ride on them, fly on them! Isn't that fun? Not only that, they can act as beacons as well! Insane right? There is more!
Custom Warps (SMP): You can create your big shops, big builds, redstone machines to flex on other players, and to make sure that thy can visit them anytime, you can set your own custom warps that other players can visit!
Island Upgrades (Skyblock): There are so many island upgrades to choose from! From upgrading your island size, generators to upgrading the members of your island can have, there will always be money to spend! These upgrades do not come cheap so you will have to grind! Better generators give better ore drop chances! You can also upgrade island size so you have more space to expand your empire! With 350x350 as max island size, its already bigger than what most Skyblocks offer! You get so much space and freedom to build, you wouldnt be able to see the other side of your island haha!
Minions (Skyblock): Minions are tiny robots that work for you! The automatically mine ores for you, gather food and crops for you, sell things from chests for you, and can do anything that you wouldn't be able to when away from your PC! They also become more powerful as you upgrade them! Slayers can get Looting on their swords, seller minions sell for more! There is so much to upgrade that you would always be enjoying yourself trying to get more eco!
Custom Kits: With OP Enchanted custom kits that can only be purchased using in game money. These kits usually are always above 20+ Enchant level! Insanely powerful, they can dictate your gameplay! This adds to the RPG feel of our server!
Cosmetics: There are cosmetics as well like tags, beautiful chat coloring, custom colored glow, unrealistic 100+ player particle combinations that you didn't think were possible! Although more towards the donor ranks, but with cheap ranks you can get so much out of the box!
NO Pay 2 Win: Although donor ranks do get some additional perks, almost all perks that donors have are easily obtainable from the crates itself! We all realize the need for players to enjoy the server without spending a dime, and that is what we have gone for here. We try to keep it as less of a P2W as we can!
Balanced Eco: We always have an eye out for how the economy is being steered, and make sure to bring balance to it. This ensures that no player with a certain advantage get insanely ahead of other players in the game! due to exploits! We have various ways of earning setup, all tested! We keep bringing sinkholes, upgrades for money to go into so players always have a goal to strive for!
Custom Coded Plugins: As an experienced developer, I can easily code the most complicated plugins! With this, the player suggestions are always heard and I can always bring out plugins that help players immerse in the experiences further! This also means that you get to experience what you cannot on any other server! Adhere, there is a new custom coded plugin every week to keep things fresh! You would never know what plugin comes out the very next week and that is what keeps it fun!
Daily Updates: We believe in keeping the experience fresh and new for our players. For this very reason, we bring out updates everyday! Whether it be minor tweaks or a new plugin, we introduce what we can to make sure the server is lag free, at an optimal state as well as giving the best gameplay experience to our players!
Active Staff: We also have active staff that moderate the server, and make sure that the experience stays the best for all our players! The staff are also players themselves, and overly kind. They are always ready to help, and love doing their duty properly! If you have any problems, we would jump in to help you out!
Overfriendly: We do not believe in punishing players for the smallest of mistakes. Yes griefing, harassing or anything out of the rules is punishable, but we are still a very lenient server that prefers enjoying the game with each other. We create a kind and overfriendly, and a welcoming environment. You would love the atmosphere we bring ^^


For a fun, lighthearted yet content-full server, don't let yourself miss the opportunity to play with us, a server that you can call home! We would love to have you play with us!

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Server F.A.Q.

Play SkylineMC with Minecraft Java:

  • Copy the Java server IP from this page.
  • Open up Minecraft and wait for it to fully load.
  • Click on "Multiplayer", then "Add Server".
  • Paste the Server's IP in the "IP Address" field.
  • Click "Done".
  • Select SkylineMC from the list and click on "Join Server".

Play SkylineMC with Minecraft Bedrock / PE:

  • Copy the Bedrock server IP from this page.
  • Open up Minecraft Pocket Edition and press the "Play" button.
  • Go to the "Servers" tab and press the "Add Server" button.
  • Paste the Server's IP in the "Server Address" field, and 19132 in the "Port" field.
  • Click "Play" to quickly join the server.
If you're having issues connecting, check out our connection troubleshooting guide.

SkylineMC's Java Edition IP Address is
The Bedrock IP Address is and the port is 19132.

Yes, SkylineMC is a Bedrock-compatible server!
You can join it using a PS4, Xbox, Android, iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad), Windows 10 PC, or any other device supporting Minecraft Bedrock / Pocket Edition (MCPE).

Yes - As are all Minecraft servers listed on Minecraft.Buzz

You can join the SkylineMC Discord server and direct your questions there. There should be instructions on how to get support - If not, contact a staff member.

Right now, there are 4 people playing on SkylineMC. Up to 300 can join.

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