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Minicraft is a vanilla server, it is NOT an anarchy server, with these features below:

(1)Keep Inventories when death;
(2)Up to 3 homes per player;
(3)No additional plugins, such as container locker, random teleport, territorial protection etc.;
(4)A creative world with no limitations;
(5)A “city” world where players gather around, build your own home.
(6)Free to use “/tpa” command;
(7)The whole world is protected by CoreProtect.

Please Read:

I. Why City world?
Because Minecraft will receiving updates from time, for some big updates, the Survival world needs to be updated and replaced. In order to keep the player's buildings permanently, the city world is used to maintain the memories of our players, and it will never be deleted.

II. You MUST abide by the following rules, or might get banned permanently:

(1) DO NOT let the server freeze on purpose, (such as getting a lot of animals or a lot of red stone machines, including the creative world);
(2) DO NOT steal;
(3) DO NOT spam, or promote something else;
(4) DO NOT destroy other players' buildings, machines, etc.;

III. If your overall performance is good, you might:

(1) Get the chance to be a server operator;
(2) Get some random item rewards. (Including MythicMobs Items)

IV. If your rights are damaged:

(1) Contact our operators;
(2) Share the information with other Chinese players for help. (They are absolutely friendly)

A letter from the owner of Minicraft to dear players:

The original intention of having this server is wish that in the free time of life or work to have a place to relax, Minecraft for me it's more like a special memory. Actually if you are feeling the same, we are absolutely welcome you to come.

So as for the best of this experience, it has to be a vanilla server, which does not contains additional plug-ins, and there's no operators to interfere with players on purpose.

Additionally, the server has paid for three years for sure, you can rest assured that your Minecraft home could be here for a long time.

However, the carrying capacity of the small server is limited, and players are also requested to cooperate reasonable use of red stone stuff, etc., to avoid causing server freezes, thank you~

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Server F.A.Q.

Play Mini Craft with Minecraft Java:

  • Copy the Java server IP from this page.
  • Open up Minecraft and wait for it to fully load.
  • Click on "Multiplayer", then "Add Server".
  • Paste the Server's IP in the "IP Address" field.
  • Click "Done".
  • Select Mini Craft from the list and click on "Join Server".
If you're having issues connecting, check out our connection troubleshooting guide.

Mini Craft's IP Address is

No. You can only join Mini Craft using Minecraft Java Edition.

Yes - As are all Minecraft servers listed on Minecraft.Buzz

The server owner hasn't provided any contact information, but you can contact us at Minecraft.Buzz on our Discord server and we'll try to help you out.

Right now, there is noone playing on Mini Craft. Up to 15 can join.

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