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XenFactions Minecraft Server

Offline - 0 Vote(s), 1 Review(s), Rated: 5/5.
Server IP xenfactions.com:2049
Gamemodes FactionsSurvivalMinigamesEconomyPvEPvPTowny
Players 0 / 0
Country United States US
Uptime 0%

Server Information

Server IP: XenFactions.com

XenFactions is a faction based server designed for massive pvp.
By creating factions, that you can invite your friends to and work your way up to becoming the top clan.
Our newly added Quests made Factions a lot more interesting! Adding a story line to your experience; if you're a Towny type of player or a MassivePvP type of player this server is for you!
Not only is the server competitive but there are also mini-game rewards to help you further advance to end game.

Officially opened on:
08/17/2020 (Monday)
(Server Ads will be running to increase server population)

Join Our Discord Community
300+ Members Strong!

Upgrade your experience at

Factions - Fun way to build homes with friends and allies. Build up, and raid others!
McMMO - Skills to pay the bills, you got the right one here!
Hard Difficulty - With Slimefun being so well advanced, we made it a more difficult server overall to balance and make it more of an exciting environment to play and enjoy.
Survival - Get a classic Minecraft experience with the mod feeling! PvP, PvE, with quests and events.
Custom Enchants - Higher enchants than standard Vanilla. We include higher enchantments to our higher ranks.
MineableSpawners - We have given our higher ranks the ability to mine spawners to help upgrade their base and enchantments!
ObsidianBreaker - Raiding bases are more interesting for Factions! Obsidian takes 7 TNT with a blast radius of 3!
ShopGUI+ - Custom /shop command lets you shop and sell on the go. No need to stop what you're doing to sell.
VotingPluginRewards - Vote on TopG, MinecraftServersOrg, or Minecraft-Servers to receive in-game rewards to help you progress!
Quests - No more boring vanilla factions! Adding quests has made Factions more interactive. Do /quests journal to view your current Quests. Once you leave the spawn building, the building to your right will get you where you need to go!
Citizens 2 - NPCs!!!
ViaRewind - You can play on our server with versions 1.8 , 1.9 , 1.10 , 1.11 , 1.12 , 1.13 , 1.14 , 1.15 , and 1.16.
AuctionHouse - Sell your goods to other players that aren't on /shop! (Private GUI stores)

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