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OrotheaMC Minecraft Server

Online - 0 Vote(s), 1 Review(s), Rated: 5/5.
Server IP
Server Type Java Server
Gamemodes SurvivalPvEPvPRPG
Versions 1.16
Players 0 / 90
Connection Fast
Country United States US
Uptime 95%

Server Information

What in the world is OrotheaMC?

Depending on your playstyle, we can be your [SMP] Survival Minecraft server dedicated to providing an atmosphere of your favorite RPGs, from mobs which are levelled in difficulty, to the skill tree build in with mcMMO's fantastic core system. There are attributes like health and lung capacity to build, letting you run faster and jump higher through grinding. Coming soon, there will be a huge library of enchantments added to increase your fighting chances against some of the stronger mobs on the server. We are always looking for the latest quality of life change or modest addition to the server to provide more content that still feels like a Minecraft game!

If you're wanting more, then look no further! Build into the world itself over time, a story unfolds. One of terror, mystery, death, magic, and sudden changes to reality which alter the game as you know it. These stories are revealed over time in the form of Dungeons and Special Events which will take place over the server's lifetime, with the first chapter of story coming soon after we gain some regular players! Each of these events reveal more and more about the universe of Orothea, and you can gain unique skills and abilities only available within some of the Dungeons. If you joined the party late, or missed a previous dungeon, you can return to Spawn Castle and explore the rooms within, locating the warp to your preferred Raid.

We are a new server and still need active players to get on our feet. We've put together a world where a mostly free map is available to explore and once people spend time here others will notice and follow suite. I believe we've provided a nice small-sized server with the potential to build a community of Minecraft players who enjoy a little spice of story thrown in to shake the map up a bit. Give us the opportunity to show you what we could become! If you've got any questions or concerns please reply here or join our Discord channel below to get the latest details concerning events and the server's development!

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