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Vendetta Community Whitelisted Minecraft Server

Online | 9 Vote(s), No Reviews.
Server IP
Gamemodes SurvivalEconomyPvERPGTowny
Versions 1.16
Players 0 / 50
Connection Average
Country United States US
Uptime 90%

Server Information

This is a friendly community server, not a pvp factions, destruction heavy modded server. We are a newer community dabbling in the minecraft server hosting right now and hope to get something going with this project! It is a whitelisted server with verification method via discord as we want to ensure everyone follows the rules and doesn't inflict harm on the community worlds. We want this to be a home for those who like the adventure, rpg, role play friendly economy style server! I hope this appeals to some of you and to grow this server into a nice community home for everyone to enjoy.

Be sure to join the discord here to get whitelisted for access on the server! https://discord.gg/FPFcM5V

Majority everything is light-weight on the server for best stability and performance possible. Some of the noticable plugins and how they're configured are as follow:

- MCMMO (MMO Skills and stats! Level up in many different skills and have a better overall minecraft adventure feel.)

- Playershops (Run your own shops, set your own prices, in game commands start with /pshop) [Cant be used in nether / end]

- ShopGUI+ (Sell some default items to earn some money, then switch to playershops when you have funds.) [Cant be used in nether / end]

- Single Player Sleep (Only one person needs to sleep to change from night to day)

- Silk Spawners (Mine mob spawners to place elsewhere when mining them with a silk touch pickaxe)

- LockettePro (Lock your storage boxes with a sign so no one can access it. Allow others to use it by adding their name!)

- DropHeads (Depending on the tool used you may receive a head of whatever you kill. Then you can wear it and keep it as a souvenir!)

- Playtime (Use command /playtime in game to view how much time you've logged in game!)

- Criticals (Better critical effects when hitting critical strikes on enemy mobs and players.)

- CropClick (Click crops to receive the drops instead of harvesting them traditionally, or do it the traditional way. Up to you!

- TabLocation (See your coordinates in the tab menu anytime)

- Vote 5x daily for your rewards! (Rewards include $25, 3x bottle o' enchanting, 1x Gilded Blackstone & 1x Ancient Debris per vote.)

- TPA to friends with a 5 sec delay and 5 min cooldown.

- No there is not /home or any home set command, we utilize the bed function so cherish it!

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