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The Sea Pickle Minecraft Server

Offline - 1 Vote(s), 1 Review(s), Rated: 5/5.
Server IP
Server Type Java Server
Gamemodes AnarchySurvivalVanilla
Versions 1.16
Players 0 / 0
Country United States US
Uptime 96%

Server Information

The Sea Pickle is a relatively new server where we build a long term community to enjoy! I'll keep it short and sweet; we play the game both casually and seriously, and the playstyle is up to you! Feel free to enjoy playing with other members of the community at your own pace. We have a few tweaks to alter gameplay, but nothing unfair enough to give an advantage! Everything is listed below;

The gameplay aspect is pretty laid back! A lot of members team up, and it is encouraged. We are hosted in France, and have a dedicated server running 24/7. We give out the world downloads to all previous seasons and have a helpful discord guide once accepted. This season began has an active discord server where members can communicate with each other.

If you are interested or have any questions, here is my contact information;

My Discord: Chhat#2206
Invite Link: https://discord.gg/yswjrWkZE3

The Rules;
Don't grief.
No cheating, hacked clients or exploting illicit bugs.
Outside of TnT Flying Machines, No duplication exploits.
Server Etiquette
-> Outside of community structures, no buildings in a 300 block radius of spawn.
-> Destroy any pillars or temporary blocks in place.
-> Link your base in #base-locations, and try not to stay close to other players.
-> Farms must have a garbage system (throw into lava) for overflow.
-> Spawnproof everything you build below the nether, including portals.
-> No killing without consent, fix up creeper damage, don't be sexist, racist, homophobic, and be mature 📷
Most importantly; respect your fellow players!

- Dynmap
- One player sleep
- AKF Display
- Anti Endermen Grief
- Player and Mob Heads
- Displays amount of bees
- Custom Armour Stand Positions
- Ability to randomize blocks in hotbar

Interested in applying? We have an application format in order to deter individuals with malicious intent from applying;

Proof of you playing survival (Whether that would be screenshots, previous builds, or coordinates) :
Tell us a little about you:
Questions about the server:

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