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AlphaK Space Factions Minecraft Server

Online - 1 Vote(s), 4 Review(s), Rated: 5/5.
Server IP
Server Type Java Server
Gamemodes Factions
Players 0 / 120
Connection Fast
Country Canada CA
Uptime 99%

Server Information

🚀 Server IP: minecraft.alphak.tech ⚔️
🎤 Discord IP: https://discord.gg/JuNrAXkhhQ
Alphak is a hybrid between a space explorer and a factions server.
The Alphak world has an extensive economy that allows you to build up your empire and conquer different worlds across the Galaxy.

🔴 Blood moons 🔴

Blood moons are special nights that occur every 14 days where mobs become extremely powerful and drop special loot.

There are hordes of mobs that are spawned throughout the world which are spawned to random players on the world.

The Occurrence of Bloodmoons depends on which planet you are on. Some planets do not have blood moons and some planets have more frequent blood moons.

🛰️ Space 🛰️

New enhanced Space Mobs

New custom resources / crafting recipes (use /space)

Energy, Oxygen (Airlocks, suits), Space Stations, Planets, Orbits and Zero Gravity.

More information here.

📚 Skills and Abilities 📚

Combat Skills (Acrobatics, Archery, Axes, Swords and Unarmed)

Gathering Skills (Excavation, Fishing, Herbalism, Mining, Woodcutting)

Alchemy Skills, Taming, repair, salvage and smelting skills

Abilities from level up! (Berserk, Green Thumb, Giga Drill Breaker and more!)

🗡️ Factions 🗡️

What are Factions??? It's a group of players, like a team or a club. A faction can claim territory, work together to build a base, and build (or destroy) relationships with other factions.

Power and Raiding (Info here!)

Creating a faction (Info here!)

Faction money (Common bank, needed for claiming and inviting) - Use /f money deposit

Faction commands (here!)

Faction fly and warps (in your claimed territory)

⚔️ Duels ⚔️

Duel other players (without losing faction power)

Bet Items or money in duels

Commands for duels (here!)

💰 Economy 💰

Using shopkeepers (which can be hired for player-owned shops)

Selling and worth mechanism (/worth, /sell and /balance)

Balance leaderboard (who are the biggest millionaires on the server? (/baltop)

Stock Market Plugin (In development) - Invest in a real-life stock market using virtual money.

Used in Factions to invite, create and change the relationship with other factions.

Make money with just about anything that can be sold. (farms, mines or raids)

Join us Today on Discord!

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