Minecraft Creative Servers

Rank Name Server About Players Status Description
Minecart Rapid Transit

Minecart Rapid Transit

Minecart Rapid Transit Minecraft Server
Version 1.18
Creative Server
Minecraft Java
10/60 Online

The MRT Server is a greylisted freebuild creative server and community for city-building and transportation enthusiasts, running since July 2012. Anyone can join as a guest and explore the server, but to gain building privileges please apply to become a member.

CampCraft Network

CampCraft Network

Version 1.9 to 1.18
Survival Server
Cross Platform
0/1000 Online

Welcome To CampCraft Network! campcraft.club Should You Join? The best way to put it is yes, you should join. We have many customized plugins, a great community, very fun and addicting gamemodes for all to enjoy and much more to come! Our Community: Us here at CampCraft treat every...

Genesis Network

Genesis Network

Version 1.8 to 1.17
Prison Server
Minecraft Java
0/1 Offline

Our main server is Prisons. OP Prison style server with tons of custom enchants for pickaxes and weapons/armor. Several Crates and keys that can be found while mining and from enchants. Custom NPCs that help you in a variety of ways. NO selling signs, just right click your...