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Minecraft Server List: Best Minecraft Servers!

This is the best "Minecraft Server List" you'll find in 2020. Play on one of over 690 amazing multiplayer servers!

Here you can find the best servers for Minecraft of all game modes and versions! We check the status of all gameservers on the list every few minutes - This guarantees they're always online and ready to join. Markus "Notch" Persson would approve!

CalamityMC Minecraft Server


PURPLE PRISON Minecraft Server


Mox MC Minecraft Server

Mox MC

Handcraft Minecraft Server


UNIVERSEMC Minecraft Server


OhhGee Minecraft Server


GenCraft Minecraft Server


Anarchus Minecraft Server


Full Anarchy Minecraft Server

Full Anarchy

Royal Asylum Minecraft Server

Royal Asylum

New Multiplayer Servers in 2020.

Looking for the newest Minecraft Servers to play on? Game on the freshest servers added to our minecraft server list in October 2020! This server table updates every few seconds. You can rest assured you won't find MC servers any fresher than this elsewhere! Join any of the 6 latest servers below, or browse more servers you can play on here.

Streaming and Shitposting Minecraft Server

Streaming and Shitposting

MysticMC Minecraft Server


BlockUniverse Factions Minecraft Server

BlockUniverse Factions

Adventure avaloncs Minecraft Server

Adventure avaloncs

2b3t Minecraft Server


PixelGenerations Reforged Minecraft Server

PixelGenerations Reforged

1.16 Minecraft Server List:

So Microsoft and Mojang just released the latest Minecraft version...But your favorite minecraft servers haven't quite caught up yet? You can still game with others - Experience the latest Minecraft updates online!

Every gameserver below supports the latest Minecraft 1.16.

BCRAFT Minecraft Server


Crafters Cove Minecraft Server

Crafters Cove

OrbitPrison Minecraft Server


McPVP Minecraft Server


Pandemic Minecraft Server


FootballMC Minecraft Server


Survival Servers on Minecraft!

Check out these great Minecraft Survival Servers, also known as SMP Servers!

These minecraft servers are what a MC player would be most familiar with. They tend to be quite close to the original game's survival mode - You know, searching for minecraft diamonds, crafting "nether portals", avoiding Herobrine, that sort of stuff. Try this list if you're looking for some fun survival servers! Also, don't forget to check out a cool variation of this game mode on Vanilla Servers (... but keep an eye out for Creepers and Griefers if you do, no Grief prevention plugins on those!)

Full Anarchy Minecraft Server

Full Anarchy

FoulCraft Survival Minecraft Server

FoulCraft Survival

Ulmera Minecraft Server


Royal Craft Minecraft Server

Royal Craft

Piglin Minecraft Server


IcePvP Factions Minecraft Server

IcePvP Factions

Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers!

No server list for Minecraft would be complete without the inclusion of these servers!

Upon joining a Skyblock mode server, players get assigned tiny custom islands to play on and eventually expand. In many ways those servers are similar to survival servers, but are, for the most part, much more challenging.

Add Skyblock and PvP game elements together and Boom, you get Skywars! Skywars games are much shorter duration in typical minigames fashion. You can find a minecraft server of either type, Skyblock or Skywars, here:

Iron Islands Minecraft Server

Iron Islands

Chronic Realms Minecraft Server

Chronic Realms

FoxTech Network Minecraft Server

FoxTech Network

Mineville Minecraft Server


Jartex Network Minecraft Server

Jartex Network

Reformium Skyblock Minecraft Server

Reformium Skyblock

Prison Minecraft Servers

When playing on servers of this game mode, the objective is to earn in-game money as a rookie and advance your player rank over time. Eventually you'll earn the right to "escape" and be a free player. If you're not into PvP (or fast-paced / high-action) games & you're looking to play on a server for a decent amount of time, a prison server can be a superb choice. To play on Minecraft with servers that include a Prison map just pick one from the list below!

Aluminis Minecraft Server


PrisonCraft Minecraft Server


VexedMC Minecraft Server


OrbitMC Minecraft Server


Astherium Minecraft Server


Breakout Incoporated Minecraft Server

Breakout Incoporated

Most popular Minecraft Servers.

The best MC servers are always the most busy ones.

Play on the largest Minecraft communities along with tons of other competitors by joining any of the servers below! These have the most server players online right this moment. Enjoy the most massive worlds the best Minecraft multiplayer servers have to offer! We ping servers frequently to get an accurate user count.

Hypixel Minecraft Server


CubeCraft Minecraft Server


ManaCube Minecraft Server


VanityMC Minecraft Server


TheArchon Minecraft Server


Jartex Network Minecraft Server

Jartex Network

Frequent Questions:

What is the most popular Server on Minecraft?

The world's most popular MC server of all time is the Hypixel network! It's so popular that it has formed a community which can exceed 100.000 online players at times. It contains a myriad of minigames such us bed wars & capture the flag. You can join it using it's IP address, mc.hypixel.net. For more, check out this list of all the most popular servers.

What is the most popular Minecraft Server in 2020?

While Hypixel is undoubtedly the most popular server of all times, the server with the most player votes in 2020 is UNIVERSE MC - Making it the most popular server on our list in 2020! It is a faction type server with great staff (mods and admins) and thousands of users. You can join it using the IP address casual.universemc.us.

Does Minecraft have an official multiplayer server?

No, there is no such thing as an official Minecraft server. That being said, Mojang (Minecraft's parent company) has officially partnered with a few servers like Mineplex. Additionally, there are servers that are hosted by Mojang, called Minecraft Realms. Those however are limited in gameplay features, therefore we wouldn't recommend them. Try joining a server from this list instead - Maybe you'll enjoy KitPvP? ;)

Complete MC server list

Not quite what you're looking for? No worries, there's plenty more servers to choose from! Full List... ➤

There's a ton of MC servers listed on our site that you can join and play on. Game modes ranging from Survival, PvP and Factions, to Creative, Skyblock, Pixelmon and Minigames - We got it all! Just view the full list and use the filters at the top to select your preferred gamemode and client version (1.8, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, or whichever you happen to use).

All servers listed on Minecraft.Buzz require Minecraft Java Edition for PC and are free-to-join.
Minecraft can run on Windows, macOS & Linux, and can be downloaded here!