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Towny Minecraft Servers

Here's a list of the best Towny Minecraft servers in 2020! These servers run a plugin called Towny, which offers many PvP, Griefing, Chat, Land Managment and Economy solutions to both players and admins, allowing for a Town-like gameplay simulation within Minecraft. Usually Towny servers have Jobs, such us fishing or mining that Players do in order to earn money and pay their taxes to the town's leader. It's a pretty cool gamemode, check it out on any one of the servers below!

CalamityMC Minecraft Server
The Cavern Towny Minecraft Server
The Cavern Towny
Benders Paradise Minecraft Server
Benders Paradise
MC Skylines Minecraft Server
MC Skylines
Euphoria Network Minecraft Server
Euphoria Network
BeeScrolls Minecraft Server
Vandaliah MMORPG Minecraft Server
Vandaliah MMORPG
Broken Mc Minecraft Server
Broken Mc
FAWC Worlds Minecraft Server
FAWC Worlds
Kingdom of Aer Minecraft Server
Kingdom of Aer
OnniWorld Minecraft Server
TinkerVille Minecraft Server
Vanilla SMP Club Minecraft Server
Vanilla SMP Club
FlatEarthMC Minecraft Server
SkinlersDream Minecraft Server

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All servers listed on Minecraft.Buzz require Minecraft Java Edition and are free-to-join.
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