About: All About Minecraft Buzz!

Who runs Minecraft.Buzz?

Stelios Mac

The site is run by me, Stelios Mac. By day, I study Computer and Electrical Engineering and work as a Sound Engineer and Lighting Designer. By night, I run this website - I make sure all submitted servers are worthy of playing on, their info is up to date and well laid-out, and make sure to moderate any comments and clean up any spam.

I've been playing Minecraft for over 9 years now. During those nine years, I've owned and co-owned over six Minecraft Servers and server projects; Those include KlgCraft, Mine Unlimited - also known as "Project Perfect", most recently Tales of Conquerors, and quite a few small private servers. I've also played on countless servers myself - I mostly enjoy playing on small survival servers or larger networks with minigames, but I like anything-Minecraft as long as the community is active and welcoming. Although I've really got no plans of using it, I made sure to get Minecraft Education Certified - Just for the heck of it! Lastly, a small part of my life was spent running a minecraft server host called MineDedi, which offered Dedicated Minecraft server hosting.

What is Minecraft.Buzz?

Minecraft.Buzz is a minecraft server list website I created in hopes of helping other players like me find minecraft servers that are worth playing on. It's always a difficult and time consuming task to find an ideal server to join, hopefully the multiple filters, ordered lists, categories and friendly layout make this process ever so slightly easier :)

Who are the servers posted/listed by?

Most servers on the website have been posted by their owners. I always make sure to fill out and correct any missing or inaccurate info - and make sure they're decently good servers you won't waste your time looking through. In order to provide you with a wider array of high-quality options, a small selection of servers have been posted by me and the rest of my team.

Do you support Voting?

Absolutely! Voting and Votifier are 100% supported - Keep in mind, however, not all servers are Votifier-enabled. You can vote for, and review, servers you like, but unless specifically stated by the server owner you won't always receive in-game rewards for your voting.

You can vote for your favorite servers once every day. You can also optionally provide a review when doing so. Voting through a VPN or Proxy network is not allowed.

We delete all votes that are over 15 days old - That way we help you discover newer, fresher and better servers than other server lists.

How can I contact you?

So glad you asked! You can reach out via e-mail at info@minecraft.buzz, or use the Contact Form. In addition, you can message us via Twitter (@minecraft_buzz) or our Discord Server.