Minecraft Server List
Minecraft: How to make a Bedrock Server
You can be the sole owner of a Bedrock server with this tutorial! Learn what it takes to create your gaming community and learn the difference between paid hosting and a locally hosted server. Local ... Read More ➤
Minecraft: How to make a Java Server
We all know the major servers that everyone plays but have you ever wanted to own your own? Create a small whitelist server to play with your friends or open up a large skyblock server that will be re... Read More ➤
Minecraft Servers: How To Allocate More RAM
Allocating more RAM to your Minecraft server can help improve gaming performance for the players on your server, as well as allow you to use more plugins and mods. How To Allocate More RAM On A Paid ... Read More ➤
How much does it cost to setup & run a Minecraft server?
Setting up and running a Minecraft server correctly from the start is crucial. Before you decide on creating a server, you should first understand all associated costs. Without the correct investments... Read More ➤
How To Make A Minecraft Server Logo And Set It As A Server-Icon
Server Logos can be difficult to make by yourself but there are plenty of both free, and paid options out there that are available. In this article, we'll look into all of those options and also show ... Read More ➤
How to Enable or Disable Command Blocks on Your Minecraft Server
Command blocks are used to execute console commands when activated by redstone (Buttons, levers etc). They're especially useful in vanilla Minecraft servers and realms, where plugins are unavailable -... Read More ➤
How to Make Your Minecraft Server Whitelist-Only
One very popular characteristic of many survival servers for Minecraft, particularly smaller ones, is a player whitelist. A whitelist allows you to control which players can access your server, helpin... Read More ➤
Minecraft Servers: How to make yourself OP
How To OP Someone On your Server Head to the game panel in your host's site and left click on the panel that says “Console”. If you host your server on your own computer, simply bring u... Read More ➤
Advertising a Minecraft Server: Server Lists (Tips and Tricks)
There's plenty of ways to advertise a Minecraft server - Some are extremely effective, some maybe not so much. In this article, we're going to be looking at how you can promote your Minecra... Read More ➤