Minecraft: How to Make an Armor Stand

An armor stand is a great addition you can use to store your armor onto. It can be used in faction server bases to be ready if you’re about to go into a battle, or just as decoration. In this tutorial, we will go through how to make an armor stand.

Required Materials

You will need 6 sticks, 1 smooth stone slab, and a crafting table to craft it in.

Making the Armor Stand

  1. Go to your crafting table and right-click it
  2. Add the items to the crafting table, putting 3 sticks across the top of the table, one in the center with the stab on the bottom middle with the other remaining 2 sticks next to it.
  3. Now that all materials/items are added to the crafting table, there should be an armor stand that pops up on the right.

A Minecraft crafting table with the armor stand recipe

Using the Armor Stand

When placing an armor stand, it will be completely blank. You can place armor on it (for example, a diamond chest plate, iron boots, a leather helmet, etc) by holding the items in your hand and right-clicking on the stand. To retrieve your armor, aim at the piece you want to remove and right-click again.

Stelios Mac

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