Minecraft Servers: How to Reset a World

Resetting your world can be a tricky process, but it's something you'll often have to do - and sometimes for reasons other than griefing (especially common in SMP servers). In this article, we're going over how to reset your Minecraft server's world and using plugins that prevent bad players from ruining everything again!

Resetting the world

This is the fastest and most recommended way to reset your world:

  1. Shut down the server if not shut down already.
  2. Locate your server files (If you're using a hosting provider, there's usually going to be a tab named “File Manager” on the left side of the panel).
  3. Locate world you're looking to reset. If you are resetting the Overworld, it will be the folder named “world”. If it’s the Nether then it’s going to be “world_nether” - and if it's the End then the folder will be called “world_the_end”.
  4. Delete that folder, and start up your server. After starting, your server should automatically create a new world for you.

World Backups

There are many ways to back up your Minecraft world, and one significant way is downloading the world files using FTP, or the File Manager on your hosting site.

Backups can be important for saving worlds in case something bad happens. Just keep a week-old copy locally on your PC. - It's easy enough to just reload that backup whenever you want!

Grief Prevention Plugins

Many plugins help prevent griefing, but one of the most popular and recommended ones is called Grief Prevention. This plugin has a variety of features like land claiming, is easy to learn with videos online, and has fully configurable claiming through in-game commands.

Stelios Mac

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