A Comprehensive Guide on How to Tame a Minecraft Fox

If you're into the game of Minecraft, you've probably encountered sneaky but cute and furry little critters such as the fox. Unfortunately, getting a closer look at the animals may not be so easy in the game as they are very wary, and they run away quickly whenever a player gets close to them. However, the good thing is that there is a way to keep them close to you at all times and have them as a pet. Yes, you can have a fox as your pet by simply taming them. Taming a Minecraft fox takes skills, good planning, and a few secret things that only a handful of players know. If you're looking for the best way to tame a Minecraft fox, you're in the right place on the web. We'll provide you with all the things you need to know about taming a fox as well as a few tips you can use in the game for a better and more enjoyable gaming experience.

What is a Minecraft fox?

Before we get right into how to tame a Minecraft fox, let's first understand what it is and why many Minecraft players are so into taming it.

For starters, the Minecraft fox is a passive mob that spawns or shows up in the giant tree Taiga and along the snowy planes of Taiga biomes. They usually respawn within one or two pairs and typically generate during the night – the foxes can either be in their baby or adult form. They hunt and prey on fishes, chickens, rabbits but also fall as prey for Polar bears and Wild wolves. An impressive skill that the fox has is its stealing ability. This ability allows the fox to take items close to it and bring them to its mouth. To breed and feed foxes, sweet berries are to be used. When the fox is tamed, it will no longer flee from its master as it grows, and you can take it wherever you go. The good thing about taming animals in Minecraft is that you can tame as many animals as you won't even though they belong to the same species. This means you can have dozens of foxes at your side.

How to tame a Minecraft Fox

One important thing to remember when looking to tame a fox is that you can't tame them right away. It requires a reasonable amount of time, effort, technique, and a few secret things. These secret things along with other important tips will be mentioned in this guide as well.

Capturing two foxes instead of one

Many people do not know when taming a fox that you actually can't tame a fox right on the spot. It requires breeding from two foxes. First, you'll need to find a pair of foxes that will breed your pet fox.

The best place to look for foxes would be within the Taiga biome, in survival gameplay mode. You can quickly locate this place through the tall green trees as its landmark. You can also choose to look for these foxes at the snowy Taigas; however the color of the animal will be white.

Since the fox is a nocturnal animal, it will be active during the night and sleeping during the day. Therefore, the best time to hunt for them would be when they are asleep during the day. A sleeping fox during the day is characterized by a curled-up and conked-out look. The best way to approach them quietly is by crouching towards them instead of running or walking towards them.

While crouching, build a fence around the fox to cover its escape routes. Using blocks to build your fence is applicable; however, make sure to build tall walls to keep the fox from jumping over and escaping. As you build your fence, one crucial thing to bear is that disabling your crouching position wakes up the animal. This means you'll need to crouch all the time that you're building the fence.

The only challenge here is finding foxes in pairs. It will be exhausting as well as time-consuming to be taming one fox at a time. That's why it is best to take your time finding a pair of foxes that are close to each other for that easy trapping. Provided that you've trapped one fox at a time and want to put them together in the same pen, you can use a boat to pen both the animals.

Feeding the foxes

Once you're done capturing the foxes, it is now time to feed it. For adult foxes, you can provide them right away; however, for baby boxes, you'll have to wait until they've grown up.

To feed the animals simply equip yourself with a sweet berry and crouch close to the animal. These berries can be acquired in the Taiga from the green-and-red trees and bushes.

The baby fox

Once you've fed the adult foxes, they'll start to breed a baby fox. The baby fox will be docile and not run at rampage even if you don't crouch near them. This baby fox will be your tamed fox. Unfortunately, though, they will still not listen to your commands. You will need to tame them to follow you – not their parents.

Get the baby box to follow you.

To keep the baby fox from following its parents and following you instead, you can use a lead and attach it to the baby fox. Once it's connected, walk it away from its parents. Once you've set a reasonable distance apart from your parents, it will then stick with you.

Congratulations, you now have a pet fox that will stick with your wherever you will go. If you want to tame more foxes than one, you can repeat the whole process. The best way to enjoy your new pets and keep track of them is by giving them name tags.

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