Smp Economy Town

Realm Details

SMP Economy Server with a Working Money System!

Realm Code: hcBGME7gFPM

To make things easier we’ve added the following to our server:

•Fast Tree Chopper: crouch and mine the bottom of a tree to harvest the entire tree instantly

•Spawn Paper Teleporter: Throw down a Spawn Paper to instantly teleport to spawn from anywhere in the overworld

•One Person Sleep Cycle: If there’s more than one person on the server, only one person has to sleep to make it day time.

•Fast Travel: Travel instantly to certain points in the world from thousands of blocks away.

•Spawn Protection: On spawn island, there is no greifing & everyone is invincible!

Server Features:

•Fully working Redstone Bank
•Fully working Redstone Shops
•PVP Arena
•Mob Arena
•Apartment Buildings for rent
•Houses for sale
•Trade Shops
•Send Cash and Receive Cash to and from other players with the fully working money system!

Come see why we have over 100+ members and join today!

Message me on Xbox: Brandon368


Realm Code:hcBGME7gFPM

How To Join This Realm

You can join this Minecraft Realm using it's code, hcBGME7gFPM