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This is a brand new server that is in the works! We have a lot of amazing ideas to push to an outstanding community! Please be patient with us because the server is in beta. I have a dev team working on this server and plan to go far with its development. We would like to get to a spot of giving back to our community, so we will be giving out IRL money or Server money to players. This is not 100% setup yet but do expect the IRL money idea to come in the near future! This server is a prison roleplay server. You work your way up to get out of the prison and own your own land outside the prison, but be careful because you could land yourself back into prison if you do not follow the laws of the town you are in! There are not only prisoners within the prison but players can apply to become a guard of the prison and take care of the prisoners, such as farm and sell food to the prisoners or just farm and sell what you have made! There are many many more ideas in the works but please be patient with us as we are trying to do our best to make this server pop for the community......pppssssssstttt there is one little thing I left out....you are able to escape from the prison through an intense parkour system, but watch out, the guards will be on the look out for you! As of right now we do not have a website made, but that is next on our list! I hope you all enjoy and I am always open for constructive criticism!

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Server F.A.Q.

Play Locked Bars with Minecraft Java:

  • Copy the Java server IP from this page.
  • Open up Minecraft and wait for it to fully load.
  • Click on "Multiplayer", then "Add Server".
  • Paste the Server's IP in the "IP Address" field.
  • Click "Done".
  • Select Locked Bars from the list and click on "Join Server".
If you're having issues connecting, check out our connection troubleshooting guide.

Locked Bars's IP Address is play.lockedbars.com.

No. You can only join Locked Bars using Minecraft Java Edition.

Yes - As are all Minecraft servers listed on Minecraft.Buzz

You can join the Locked Bars Discord server and direct your questions to a staff member. They'll be glad to help!

No. For that, you need a cracked server.

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