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Zenith Networks Minecraft Server

Offline - 0 Vote(s), 22 Review(s), Rated: 5/5.
Server IP zen-mc.net
Gamemodes SkyblockFactions
Players 0 / 0
Country United States US
Uptime 30%

Server Information

[center][style b size=36px color=#3598db][img width=677 height=520]https://i.imgur.com/h6Bs1Kh.png[/img]
[style b size=16px color=#2fcc71]About the server[/style][/center][center]Zenith Networks is Home to Three Servers Currently, and Many More to come![/center][center]We offer a very unique experience within each of our game modes,[/center][center]and our developers spend their valuable time on each server making sure of it![/center][center]We have extremely friendly staff and we offer many benefits to free players![/center][center]We have a Discord community that is rapidly growing and Developers that stay in touch with them!

[/center][center][style b size=16px color=#2fcc71]Features[/style][/center][center][size=14px]Robots | Sell Chests | Crates | Ranks[/size][/center][center][size=14px]Island Top Payouts via PayPal or BuyCraft[/size][/center][center][size=14px]Unique Questing System Custom Made[/size][/center][center][size=14px]Tiered Spawners | Custom Drops | Vote Parties[/size][/center][center][size=14px]Vote Top Rewards | Vote Crates | Hub Crates | Hub Trails[/size][/center][center][size=14px]Parkour Rewards | Hub Cosmetics | Hats | Suits | Wings[/size][/center][center][size=14px]Discord Community | Giveaways | Free Crate Keys on Donation[/size][/center][center][size=14px]Friendly Staff | Clans | Mob Arenas | Trading | Auction House[/size][/center][center]MUCH MUCH MORE![/center][center][style b size=24px color=#2fcc71]Join Now![/style][/center][center][style b size=18px color=#000]IP: ZEN-MC.NET[/style][/center][center][style b size=18px color=#2fcc71][color=#000]Discord:[/color] [color=#2880b9][url=https://discord.gg/ZxHt85t][color=#2880b9]Click Here![/color][/url][/color][/style][/center]

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