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PoliceCraftSurvival Minecraft Server

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Server IP
Server Type Java Server
Gamemodes Survival
Versions 1.15
Players 0 / 0
Connection Fast
Country United States US
Uptime 99%

Server Information

ou can do whatever you want. There aren’t really any big rules exept don’t hack, spam in chat, or doing anything that you should be punished for. Here is a list of things you might get in trouble if caught doing:

Basic hacking such as x-raying, pvp, or movement based hacks (flying, slowfall things like that are movement hacks)

Spamming in chat

Saying or doing inappropriate things.

Advertisement (Things like your youtube channel or another server being spammed in chat, but it’s ok to say to your friends something on the lines of, “hey do you wanna play on this other server called _____? I’m getting a bit tired of this one.”)

Cyberbullying (bullying online)

Saying hurtful and/or not nice things in chat to people (things like, “ur ugly”)

So, even though it’s a simple little server, you should not hack or grief, or do any of the things listed that you could get in trouble for. As I said, there aren’t plugins so instead of you getting banned, you will be put in a cold dark bedrock chamber, or i can set up command blocks to annoy you. (I’m pretty good at command blocks so be warned) If somebody reports you hacking in chat, I will come and monitor you for a bit using a hacking account myself so I can see if you are x-raying or doing something else. If this does happen to you, you will not notice, know, or see me. (or at least you shouldn’t)

As the server develops I will probably figure out a way to make up for no plugins with command blocks.

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