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GeoCraft is a Minecraft server that offers a unique experience by recreating real-life locations in the Netherlands within the game. Players can explore and interact with virtual versions of cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht, as well as other places across the country.

The server aims to build an accurate representation of the Netherlands by incorporating buildings, roads, and rivers into the Minecraft world. However, upon joining, players will initially see everything in grayscale, as the computer has pre-loaded the structures. The community is encouraged to contribute by adding color and detail to the virtual environment, allowing them to build their own houses or even famous landmarks like the royal palace.

Navigating the server is made easy with commands such as "/warp" followed by the name of a city to teleport to specific locations, or "/gc adres" to go to a specific address like "/gc Nieuwe Steeg 74 Herwijnen" or "/gc 4171KG 74". This feature allows players to explore and experience different areas of the Netherlands within the Minecraft world.

If players are not interested in building within the Netherlands, the server also offers a Survival mode where they can enjoy traditional gameplay elements. Additionally, there is a plot world where players can unleash their creativity and build without the constraints of real-life locations.

For newcomers to GeoCraft, the server provides a comprehensive guide on their website,, which explains how to get started and make the most out of the GeoCraft experience.

Overall, GeoCraft offers a unique and immersive Minecraft experience by allowing players to explore and build within a virtual representation of the Netherlands, creating a collaborative and interactive community focused on replicating real-world locations in a digital environment.

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Server F.A.Q.

Play GeoCraft with Minecraft Java:

  • Copy the Java server IP from this page.
  • Open up Minecraft and wait for it to fully load.
  • Click on "Multiplayer", then "Add Server".
  • Paste the Server's IP in the "IP Address" field.
  • Click "Done".
  • Select GeoCraft from the list and click on "Join Server".
If you're having issues connecting, check out our connection troubleshooting guide.

GeoCraft's IP Address is

No. You can only join GeoCraft using Minecraft Java Edition.

Yes - As are all Minecraft servers listed on Minecraft.Buzz

You can join the GeoCraft Discord server and direct your questions there. There should be instructions on how to get support - If not, contact a staff member.

Right now, there are 11 people playing on GeoCraft. Up to 1000 can join.

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