1.18 Survival Minecraft Servers

Here's the best 1.18 Survival Minecraft Servers we got!
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Rank Name Server About Players Status Description
Null Network

Null Network

Null Network Minecraft Server
Version 1.18
Survival Server
Minecraft Java
3/80 Online

Can you survival the wilderness of Seliana? The world has been ravaged by monsters from an unknown source. The people that has been in the world have struggled, and are forced to adapt. With new shiny weapons to repel the unknown, will you strive, or even survive? Server features...



4s4l Minecraft Server
Version 1.7 to 1.19
Anarchy Server
Cross Platform
0/999 Online

Anarchy server crossplay without owner and admin plus there many project have been work by group and this server have no rule same like other anarchy server. And dont mind about motd they just make by the player in this server