1.11 Minecraft Servers

One of the major updates to Minecraft, 1.11 really benefited the gameplay of more "pure" survival and vanilla servers. The addition of many new hostile mobs, the Totem of Undying and sweeping edge sword enhancement really spiced things up. Check out the best 1.11 servers on our list below!

Rank Name Server About Players Status Description


SimpMC Minecraft Server
Version 1.7 to 1.20
Survival Server
Cross Platform
74/1000 Online

Minecraft Vietnam server with many game modes and attractive features attracts players and diverse SkyBlock and survival game modes. Join the experience now with over 100 other players at Simpmc Network



kakemine Minecraft Server
Version 1.8 to 1.19
Minigames Server
Minecraft Java
0/0 Online

> **LUẬT LỆ CỦA KAKEMINE.TK** > > - Server Có AntiCheat Nếu Hack/Cheat/Spamchat Nhiều Sẽ Bị Ban Vĩnh Viễn > Nếu Không Spam Mà Bị Ban Không Lý Do Hãy Báo Cáo Admin Để Admin Xem Xét Và Unban bạn trong vòng 1 ngày > - Vào Server Không Được...