KitPvP Minecraft Servers

Servers with KitPvP are basically PvP Minecraft Servers, in which players get to pick their favorite kit from a predefined list (such us Archer or Warrior), each with a specific set of items usually associated with a different fighting style. Players then fight against one another (usually in large arena-like maps) gaining points and moving up the leader board. We've thorroughly inspected each and every server on the list below to be sure they're great servers worth playing on - So check them out!

Rank Name Server About Players Status Description


StarDix Minecraft Server
Version 1.8 to 1.17
PvP Server
Minecraft Java
12/1000 Online

Maior Servidor de Minecraft do Brasil com vários mini games, como: Full PvP, Kit PvP, Murder, SkyWars, Bed Wars, Survival e Muito Mais. Da versão 1.8 até a 1.17 para você se divertir. Estamos online a mais de 6 anos trazendo diversão para galera. IP: Registro...