KitPvP Minecraft Servers

Servers with KitPvP are basically PvP Minecraft Servers, in which players get to pick their favorite kit from a predefined list (such us Archer or Warrior), each with a specific set of items usually associated with a different fighting style. Players then fight against one another (usually in large arena-like maps) gaining points and moving up the leader board. We've thorroughly inspected each and every server on the list below to be sure they're great servers worth playing on - So check them out!

Rank Name Server About Players Status Description
Anarquia Hispana

Anarquia Hispana
Version 1.8 to 1.18
Anarchy Server
Minecraft Java
19/1 Online

IP: Grief.Steal. Custom Mobs. Custom Rains. Custom Maps. Set traps. Kill. Harass. Infiltrate your enemy's base .Use whatever language you like Everything else is fair game!Explore anywhere and everywhere you want, but you're on your own. No...