Best Lifesteal Servers for Minecraft

Lifesteal Minecraft Servers are servers that have a mechanic of stealing life from players to replenish their own. They are a type of Minecraft SMP server and are often called "lifesteal smp" or ”pvp" servers.
Lifesteal servers are often used to provide a more challenging experience for players. They provide a semi-vanilla environment where players must be careful about how they play, as they may be quickly defeated in combat if they do not take the time to heal themselves after each fight.
Here you can find a server IP for a public lifesteal smp, for Java edition or Bedrock edition.

Rank Name Server About Players Status Description

Version 1.16 to 1.19
Survival Server
Minecraft Java
7/100 Online

The ZG MC Minecraft server community is very kind and our staff are always here for you, no matter what. We have a ton of very fun game modes for you to play. The server is currently hosted in Germany and has a great connection with a good ping, so you can play without any lag at...

Tips to Get Started in the Best Lifesteal SMP Minecraft Server

Top Tips to Get Started in the Best Minecraft Lifesteal Server:

1) Join a good Minecraft Lifesteal Server: The first tip for getting started in a lifesteal minecraft server is to join a good one. There are many servers available, but not all of them are good. Players should make sure that they join one with a high population and where they can find friends to play with.

2) Know when it's time to heal: The second tip for getting started in a lifesteal Minecraft server is to learn when it's time to heal. This can vary from one player to the next, though there are some general rules that apply. For example, in a team-based game, it's important for players who are attacking monsters to heal at the same time as their teammates so that the healing can all be done at once.