PvE Minecraft Servers

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FreeAnarchyServer Minecraft Server
Version 1.16 to 1.17
Anarchy Server
Minecraft Java
0/0 Online

Join our Free Minecraft Anarchy Server its free and there is no rules Anyone can play :D Just a few warning before joing our anarchy server : Respect our admins : no begging for op items : no spamming or insta kick or ban (depends) Thats all for now i hope to see you in our...

Zombie Nerwork

Zombie Nerwork

Zombie Nerwork Minecraft Server
Version 1.18
Survival Server
Minecraft Java
0/1337 Offline

Zombie Network is a survival/classic gamemode with new creatures such as infernals. Infernals are stronger mobs with greater loot and special power items. This is a great place for new minecraft players as it is fun and has a helpful staff that will guide.