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Minecraft Survival Servers

Survival (SMP) is the Gamemode we all know and love Minecraft for; In this mode, you can loose health & die by receiving falling damage, being attacked or drowning. Make sure to protect yourself from the elements and hostile mobs, before darkness falls. Craft gear and build houses, explore the nether and kill the ender dragon!If you're new to Minecraft, be sure to check out these useful beginner tips! Here are some servers to play on, big, small, pvp or no-pvp!

Venturous Minecraft Server
Venturous [Venturous.mcserv.co]
DarkAge Survival - Avaloncs.group Minecraft Server
DarkAge Survival - Avaloncs.group [mc.avaloncs.group]
Anarchy.bar Minecraft Server
Anarchy.bar [Anarchy.bar:25574]
Cyclopean Minecraft Server
Cyclopean []
Vality Survival Minecraft Server
Vality Survival [play.valitynetwork.com]
Suralt Minecraft Server
Suralt [mc.suralt.com:25567]
Mystic Kittens Minecraft Server
Mystic Kittens [mystickittens.serveminecraft.net]
MINERLAND Minecraft Server
MINERLAND [minerland.mcs.cx:25870]
Solus Minecraft Server
Solus [solus.mcserver.ws]
Aspiria Mc Minecraft Server
Aspiria Mc [mcmp.AspiriaMc.com]
WilderCraft Minecraft Server
WilderCraft [play.wildercraft.net]
MINERAZE Minecraft Server
MINERAZE [play.mineraze.net]
MCTowny Survival Towny Minecraft Server
MCTowny Survival Towny [play.mctowny.net]
NexGN Minecraft Server
NexGN [play.nexgn.net]
MCAtlas Minecraft Server
MCAtlas [play.mcatlas.net]

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All servers listed on Minecraft.Buzz require Minecraft Java Edition and are free-to-join.
Minecraft can run on Windows, macOS & Linux, and can be downloaded here!