Minecraft Vanilla Servers

Vanilla servers are a great choice for die-hard Minecraft fans - and beginners! Usually a survival gamemode, but pure Minecraft gameplay, no distracting plugins, mods and addons that take away from the original gameplay experience. They allow you to truly appreciate some of the latest additions to Minecraft, like Conduits (See Sportskeeda), and are a great way to replicate Single-player gameplay along with other players & friends!

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DraitSMP Minecraft Server
Version 1.16
Survival Server
Minecraft Java
0/0 Online

TheDraitSMP is a vanilla smp you can play with players and have fun, start nations and wars! Some Rules: 1.Don't grief/steal unless we are in a war or you get banned.(dont grief spawn or you get banned) 2.Don't curss a lot 3.No hacks allowed (Note im sorry if the server...