1.14 Minecraft Servers

1.14 is the second most feature-packed update Minecraft has seen thus far. Released in 2019, it adds new mobs and features that really make Villages a much more worthy and enjoyable part of the game, particularly for Survival and Environment-oriented gamemodes that stay true to the original gameplay. We carefully inspected each and every one of the servers below to make sure you're going to enjoy playing on all of them! Check 'em out ;)

Rank Name Server About Players Status Description


AndromedaPVP Minecraft Server
Version 1.8 to 1.17
Survival Server
Cross Platform
9/250 Online

Experimente uma nova era do Minecraft Português ANDROMEDAPVP Uma network com Survival, SkyBlock e muito mais! » Survival • Sistema de mobs com níveis (quanto maior o nível mais difícil será de matá-lo); • Eventos todas as semanas; • Mercado dos...