Anarchy Minecraft Servers

Minecraft Anarchy servers are pretty unique. Like the name suggests, they rarely have any rules at all. Griefing is encouraged and PvP is allowed, making them a very hostile and challenging environment. If you do manage to get away from spawn without dying, your top priority should be to acquire food and build a hidden and safe base to stay in ASAP. Check out the most thrilling Anarchy servers in the list below!

Rank Name Server About Players Status Description
Meadow SMP

Meadow SMP

Meadow SMP Minecraft Server
Version 1.17 to 1.19
Survival Server
Cross Platform
3/50 Online

🌷 Meadow SMP 🌷 is partially also a Streamer SMP which is broadcast on Twitch by different content creators! 👾 ✨ This SMP is not just a Minecraft Server. It's a super chill place with different paths & choices of gameplay to make your experience better and perfectly suited...



ezlol Minecraft Server
Version 1.7 to 1.18
Anarchy Server
Cross Platform
3/4 Online

the most professional minecraft server You want a car that gets the job done? You want a car that's hassle free? You want a car that literally no one will ever compliment you on? Well look no further. The 1999 Toyota Corolla.