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Minecraft Factions Servers

Factions servers feature clans you can create/join, with the purpose of fighting or raiding other clans/factions. Some servers even provide a cash reward for top factions and/or players!
Griefing is allowed (and even encouraged) on some servers - but not on others. Make sure you read & follow the rules of the servers you join. Choose a server below!

RebootMC Minecraft Server
RebootMC [play.rebootmc.net]
SURPEX Minecraft Server
SURPEX [mc.Surpex.net]
DuplexMC Minecraft Server
DuplexMC [play.duplexmc.net]
VaderMC Minecraft Server
VaderMC [play.vadermc.net]

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All servers listed on Minecraft.Buzz require Minecraft Java Edition and are free-to-join.
Minecraft can run on Windows, macOS & Linux, and can be downloaded here!