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310+ Minecraft Servers!

This is the best Minecraft server list you'll find in 2020, with over 310 awesome servers!

Whether it's Surival, Creative, or anything in between that you're looking for, you'll find it here! We check the status of all servers every couple of minutes to make sure they're always online and ready to join.

PURPLE PRISON Minecraft Server
UNIVERSEMC Minecraft Server
CalamityMC Minecraft Server
OhhGee Minecraft Server
Gearblock Survival Minecraft Server
Gearblock Survival
Suralt Minecraft Server
Steinercraft Minecraft Server
WanderCraft Semi Anarchy Minecraft Server
WanderCraft Semi Anarchy

New Minecraft Servers in 2020

Looking for new Minecraft Servers to play on? Check out the latest servers to join our list in May 2020!

This list updates every few seconds, so you can rest assured you won't find servers any fresher than this anywhere else!
Have a look at the 4 latest servers below, or take a look at even more servers here.

Not That Bitter LGBT Minecraft Server
Not That Bitter LGBT
Zenith Networks Minecraft Server
Zenith Networks
CobaltCraft Minecraft Server
Simply Factions Minecraft Server
Simply Factions

Minecraft 1.15 Servers

So you just downloaded the latest snapshot - But your favorite servers haven't quite caught up yet?

No need to give up on Multiplayer just so you can play with the new client - Enjoy the latest Bee update online! These servers below already support the latest 1.15 version. We also have quite a few servers running on 1.14, 1.8 and a whole lot more! You can get even more specific by first choosing a server category like Hunger Games and then filtering the list to your client's version.

NexGN Minecraft Server
XeoanoCraft Minecraft Server
Zydro Minecraft Server
CrimsonMC Minecraft Server

Survival Minecraft Servers

Check out these great choices for Survival Minecraft Servers - Also known as SMP Servers!

These servers are what Minecraft players are usually most familiar with, as they tend to be quite close to the original gameplay. Try this list for some fun survival servers! Also, don't forget to check out a cool variation of this gamemode, Vanilla!

Eclipse Network Minecraft Server
Eclipse Network
Cyclopean Minecraft Server
TwilightCraft ToxicFree Minecraft Server
TwilightCraft ToxicFree
Vality Minecraft Server

Most popular Minecraft Servers

Lots of people! Chaos! Busy Minecraft servers = fun minecraft servers!

If you like to play with lots of other people, take a look at this list! These are the servers with the highest online player count right now! All servers are monitored in near real time to make sure their player count is as accurate as possible!

Hypixel Minecraft Server
TheArchon Minecraft Server
Minecraft Central Minecraft Server
Minecraft Central
HiveMC Minecraft Server
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All servers listed on Minecraft.Buzz require Minecraft Java Edition and are free-to-join.
Minecraft can run on Windows, macOS & Linux, and can be downloaded here!