Troubleshoot Minecraft Server Connection:

Here's some common error messages you may receive upon Joining a Minecraft Server, and some ways you can fix them.

Disconnected by server. Outdated server!" or "Disconnected by server. Outdated client!
This means your Minecraft client version doesn't match the server's version. All of the servers in our list have a little tag indicating their version (such us 1.14.1) - Make sure your client matches that, or find another server that matches your Client's version.

You are not whitelisted on this server!
A few servers implement a whitelist system, meaning you have to be approved by their owners before you can join. This can usually be done on the server's website, as found on the server listing.

You are banned from this server!
Uh-oh! Someone's been naughty! This means your username or IP address has been banned on the server. Try reaching out to the server's administrators and requesting that your account be un-banned.

Disconnected by Server. Invalid session (Try restarting your game)
When you log in to Minecraft you are assigned a session ID which Mojang's servers use to keeps track of your account. Only the session with the latest ID for your account will be allowed to join servers (which have offline mode on). Try restarting your game for a start - Keep in mind you can't join a servers with a cracked Minecraft client unless the server has set its properties to online-mode=false

Cannot resolve hostname
Make sure the IP address for the server is correct - Use our "Copy IP" button to be sure. If the problem persists, it indicates the server might be offline. Refresh the listing page & make sure the Server is listed as online. If not, choose another server that's online here!

End of stream
This may occur if you're quick as a ninja! Try waiting a bit before reconnecting to the server, it should work.

(Some other error)
These are the most common errors you'll come across when trying to connect to a minecraft multiplayer server - But there's also errors that can occur with Java and such, usually unique to each person. Google is your best friend when it comes to such errors!